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What’s the one, little word with only five letters that defines every meaningful relationship?  TRUST.  Quite basically, mutual trust provides the framework for worthwhile relationships with friends, family, bosses, spouses and partners. It’s the rebar, the reinforcing bar, of lasting, sincere relationships.

In my previous book, Strong From the Start – Raising Confident and Resilient Kids, I’ve encouraged parents to trust themselves and their children. Blogs and videos on this site are here for you with several, user friendly, parenting tips.  On the lighter side, please take a look at my original, parenting “recipe.”  That is, just in case you happen to sustain a bump or two along the road while raising your kids!  Seriously, it is my hope that your belief in your child and yourself as a parent will generously reward you both, now and far into the future.

My newest book, Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much!, (still under construction), continues our discussion about trust.  This time, however, it’s about trusting yourself within the healthcare community.  Partnering with your healthcare professional as an informed, intelligent, self-trusting advocate will serve you and your provider well.  Within the book you’ll find suggestions to help you deal with a scary diagnosis, access the best care and support, achieve mutual respect, prepare for a visit with your doctor and honestly, an awful lot more. Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much! may seem as if it’s been written solely for people facing serious illness.  Actually, anyone visiting their healthcare provider for even a minor problem will find it a useful guide. Please check out my healthcare blog on this site for some brief, topical tips too.

After years spent working in doctor’s offices, hospitals, as a pharmaceutical representative, a national oncology trainer and finally, becoming a patient myself, I have learned an extremely valuable lesson: Patients who advocate for and trust themselves receive the most beneficial care. My goal, now, is to encourage you to receive the very same.

As you navigate through your own healthcare journey, do remember to help yourself to a spoonful of sugar.  It really does make the medicine go down a lot easier.



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