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Reina S. Weiner is an inspiring published author, supportive mentor and a fun, enthusiastic speaker. In her former career, Reina was a dedicated Oncology Representative, a National Oncology Trainer within the pharmaceutical industry and a dynamic Adjunct Professor for nursing students.

Reina was taught very lovingly by her parents that trusting yourself and asking for what you need were the keys to success. They were right!! Those personal philosophies and Reina’s professional experiences have played a huge part in her ability to thrive as an active, live your life today – #whywait – cancer survivor. Her ebook – The ABC’s of Trusting Yourself – How To Become An Empowered Patient is available for free on this website with a useful tip for every letter of the alphabet. Reina’s upcoming “real book,” as she likes to call it, is entitled – Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much – Be Your Own Best Healthcare Advocate.  It’s a far more in-depth, informative roadmap essential for any of us humans who ever visits a healthcare provider. Not just for the big, bad stuff, but the little, annoying stuff as well.

As you navigate through your own healthcare journey, do remember to help yourself to a spoonful of sugar.  It really does make the medicine go down a lot easier.

You can find Reina on the back of her husband’s motorcycle when the weather is warm and sunny. When it’s cold out, try  #whywait #ask4whatuneed.



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why i choose to thrive

Many years ago when I learned I had a health problem I got the best advice I could have received – live your life! I have taken that advice to heart and LIVE every day. I could, of course, lie on the couch moaning and groaning, but that would be such a waste of time. In writing Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much – Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate, and the ebook – The ABC’s of Trusting Yourself – How to Become An Empowered Patient, also speaking and mentoring, my hope/my goal is to encourage, support and motivate others to advocate for themselves, trust themselves and most definitely live the fullest life they are able to. I don’t go bungee jumping (I’m not that gutsy!), but I did climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge (tethered to it), been in an open cockpit airplane (think Snoopy) and very often enjoy the ride on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. So, really – #whywait.


Just before my emergency surgical procedure I remembered Reina Weiner’s advice to “trust your doctor, but not that much. ”I questioned my doctor regarding a pre-op procedure. He made a change and all went well. Thanks, Reina, for helping me be“my own, best healthcare advocate.”


“When my partner was diagnosed with cancer the first person I called was Reina.”


“Reina is one of the strongest, most inspirational people I know.”



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