About Reina

Reina is an inspiring author and mentor, and a fun, enthusiastic speaker. She’s also the past President of a Toastmasters Chapter, President of Why Wait, LLC (if not now, when?) and the mother of two adults, independent children. In her former career, Reina represented a pharmaceutical company as an Oncology Consultant and was awarded the honor of #1 Salesperson in the Nation. As her experience and expertise grew, she was promoted to National Oncology Trainer. Reina found teaching and training people so personally rewarding and useful, she chose to educate aspiring nurses as an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and Medical Terminology. Additionally, after being asked many times –“How do I become a Pharmaceutical Representative?” she wrote and lectured a course answering that very question.

Reina encourages people to trust themselves, their wisdom, their innate intelligence and most of all, their common sense as parents and as patients. Her first book, Strong From the Start –Raising Confident and Resilient Kids, is filled with mom-tested, timeless messages: Parents can raise confident children by providing a firm foundation kids can trust, allow a child’s reasonable choices incrementally, begin to build resilience through responsibility, balance parental authority with a child’s growing autonomy and always love children for who they are.

Reina’s second book, Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much – Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate, is presently under construction. Similarly, it focuses on self-trust – inspiring you to become your own, well- informed, healthcare advocate. Her newest book is a practical guide for anyone who wants to actively participate in their lifelong health journey, side by side with medical professionals. You’ll find plenty of easy-to-follow tips for people with less serious health issues and meaningful suggestions for those with far more complex ones.

Why is Reina writing Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much!? Because she has now had the opportunity to sit on both sides of the table, so to speak – first as a medical professional and now as a patient. Her newly acquired perspective is reflected in the book as are the stories of many patients she has known both professionally and personally. Until her book is available, you can follow her blog on www.reinaweiner.com, the Facebook Community Page for Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much, and her tweets at Reina S. Weiner (twitter.com/helpapatient) for up-to-date, sensible advice.

If you’d like Reina to speak with your group or prefer to meet with her personally, please contact her by email, reinaweiner@mac.com.

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