Do They Match Up?

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While I’ve been spending plenty of couch time this last week recouping from “it,” a virus,  I have been reading – some good books and believe it or not, a package insert from a drug that has been prescribed for me. Weird, right? But, once a pharmaceutical rep…..

All joking aside, guess what I uncovered?   The directions on the prescription bottle of my specialty, $11,000 a month drug – no kidding – and the directions on the package insert were different. One said, “without food.”  The other: “with or without food.” So, I checked both again. Yup. Two different directions. This was right after I had gotten off the phone with the specialty pharmacy nurse who repeated the monthly, “without food” instructions.

Of course, that was my call to action.  I emailed my excellent physician and then called the specialty pharmacy nurse back.  Her response: “Wow.  You’re right.”

Is this a big deal?  For many of us, no.  But, for other patients who may take one drug at 8 another at 12 another at 3 and another at 6 etc., it is a big deal. When do you squeeze in the “without food” one or even remember to take it? And, I’m not even talking about how scheduling impacts the effectiveness of a drug.  That’s a blog for another day.

Needless to say, for most of us reading an entire package insert is both tedious and unnecessary.  But, what you should take a look at is the patient information sheet stapled to the little bag with your medication.  Then, compare the directions on your medication bottle.  Do they match up?  If not, call your doc, your pharmacist, your nurse and clarify.

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