Leaping Without a Net (Trusting Yourself)

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How do I make a major decision – how do any of us – a potentially life-changing/life-affirming yet incredibly scary decision?  A choice that has no guarantee of the outcome – a real biggie. For me, it’s still all about coming to a place where I trust myself.  But, how do I get there and what criteria do I use to make an informed, educated decision and advocate for myself?

In my case, my decision is whether to have a stem cell transplant recommended by my oncologist.  Pretty major.  More than major.  Without going into great detail – the purpose of the transplant is to replace my bone marrow with healthier cells.  It’s a promising procedure, but not an assured one. So, do I take the leap? And, most importantly, how do I get to a place where I’m comfortable with my decision – that I trust myself.

Here’s my process:  First, I ask the doctor a ton of questions.  Is this necessary?  Is this the optimum treatment at the moment?  What about the risks/benefits, side effects?  What other options do I have?  And then, I ask me (as I’ve mentioned in other blogs) what are my personal goals of treatment?  What am I willing to do/withstand/tolerate in order to potentially have a longer, better quality of life?  That’s a question I will consider over and over again.

Next, I do my own research – read clinical papers, get a second opinion, talk with other healthcare professionals and folks who’ve been through the procedure and finally do some serious soul-searching.  Finally, the answer comes to My own answer.  Yes, it’s the right time and the right procedure and I TRUST ME.

Am I scared?  Absolutely.  Am I sure this is going to work?  No.  But, there is a moment when I know I need to give it a shot.  To take the leap.  So, I’m going to step into it and keep trusting I’ve made the best decision I can at the time.

This is my story.  Everyone’s story is different – a story unique to their lives. If you have a moment, please share your story, your process when a “fork” shows up in your life.  Keep advocating.  Keep trusting yourself.

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