So, You’re Not MarySue Agonopolis?

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Me? Moi? MarySue Agonopolis? I’m sure she’s great, but I have no idea who she is! I’m still me – Reina S. Weiner

Why would I bring up such a peculiar question?  Simply because her name or any name other than yours may be listed on your prescription medication.  That may mean that the pills in the bottle have been appropriately prescribed for either me or MarySue, but for whom – that’s the question!

I just went to my local pharmacy.  I did volunteer my name.  They did ask me for my address  – “for safety reasons” – before releasing the medication to me.  Okay.  Good. But, most recently though, a mail-order prescription I received had my correct name and medication on the bottle.  Yay!  One little problem, though.  The patient information sheet – directions, side effects, adverse reactions (when you really need to call your healthcare provider), etc., were for a different patient and a different medication!  I called the mail-order pharmacy to alert them and hoping they would send Mark Smith the appropriate patient information sheet, but I’m doubtful it ever happened. Their response was less than enthusiastic. I wonder whose patient information sheet he actually did receive and how it pertained or did not pertain to his medication. And, did you receive HIS medication or someone else’s. All that confusion and error does make me scratch my head. It also reminds me, once again, how vigilant we all need to be and how essential healthcare advocacy is to the maintenance of our health.

So, once again –  open the stapled bag on the bottle.  Pull out your prescription bottle and check the name on it.  Is it you?  Check out the pills.  Is there a patient information sheet on the inside that matches the name of the prescription on the bottle?  Okay so far. Do the pills look familiar if you’ve had them before?  If not,  ASK.

I hope MarySue or Mark Smith is living a long, healthy life, but please, I don’t want her  or his medication or their patient information sheets and I know they don’t want mine either!! #trustyourdoctorbutnotthatmuch #askforwhatyouneed #whywait

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