Reina S. Weiner has encouraged hundreds of women to ask for what they need (both personally and professionally) in her workshops throughout the metropolitan Washington area.

Her workshops include:  “Moving Without Going Crazy,” “Stop, Look, Listen,” (emphasizing the benefits of becoming an active listener), “Asking for What You Need,” and, “Negotiating Almost Everything Everywhere.”

“Reina’s philosophy and open discussion of raising resilient children is positive and uplifting.  Her willingness to share her story and those of other moms is filled with humor and understanding.”

~Lorraine R.

“We were fortunate to have Reina as a guest speaker during our monthly MOMS Club chapter meeting. She gave a great presentation and provided some terrific ideas from her new book.”

~Kristie K.

“Reina was informative and friendly.  She answered the questions from our MOMS Club with excitement and encouragement.  We really enjoyed having her speak and her book offers great insight.”

~Aimee N.

“This book is a must read for parents who are raising a single child. Reina’s advice and anecdotes remind us that we have to let go and give our children the chance to learn to be independent, resilient self-starters.”

~Shelli N., Mother of One Child, Contracts Director

“These days, for new dads like me, there are more and more books on how to be a parent – full of more and more theories on how to do more and more for your kids.  But Reina Weiner’s 
Strong From the Startpreaches an essential message being lost amidst all the how-to-ing; that very often, less is more. There’s even a side benefit to this approach.  Parents get the time and space of their own to actually be people too, not simply moms and dads.”

~P.N.P., Father of One, Producer

“ The complex, chaotic duty of parenting can leave many moms and dads questioning whether they’re raising their children the 
right way. Reina uses humor and common sense strategies to help identify when to step-in and when to step-out.  What a gift.”

~Lucinda M., Mother of Two Children, Special Education Teacher

“As someone said to me, shortly before the birth of my first child:  ‘Don’t forget, you’re not raising a child, you’re raising an adult.’  This book will help you do just that.

~Kathryn A., Mother of Three, Writer

“As a positive psychologist and a school psychologist, I was so impressed with 
Strong From the Start. Reina is psychologically so accurate.  This is the perfect book to give parents and to make sure schools and libraries have available.”

~Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist and Author of “The Truth,” and “Secrets”

“ It’s full of common sense that is not so common in today’s world!  I’m buying this book for my son and daughter-in-law; I’m sure they will want to share it with their friends.”

~Barbara P, Mother of Three, Grandmother of One, Clinical Laboratory Administrator

“I know the author, Reina S. Weiner, personally and found her book to concise, no-nonsense, humorous (much like the author herself) and full of useful parenting information. If like most parents, you have angst and self-doubt about your child rearing, please read this book.”

~Nancy A., Mother of Two, Retired

“Far from trying to antagonize one tribe (the working mothers) against another (the stay-at-home mothers), she considers the child first and foremost.  The reader also feels empowered by all the positive and humorous reinforcement one receives.”

~Sarah D., Mother of Two, School Administrator

“I love this book and wish that I had read it before my children were born instead of the parenting guides that I thought I should be reading as I was so unsure of this new journey I was about to embark on!  I have stored away some advice for the future as the no nonsense, witty and honest delivery endears the author to her readers.  I have recommended this book to all my friends.”

~Louise D., Mother of Two,  Technical Salesperson

“My child is grown now, but I wish I had been able to read it twenty-five years ago.  What a treasure for new (and used) mothers and fathers.”

~Joy B., Mother of One

“This little book packs an impressively mighty punch.  Full of sensible advice, well worth the read.”

~Lynn L., Mother of Two, Artist

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