“Love Your Hacker”

Love Your Hacker

It’s true.  I’ve been hacked.  Me and thousands, or more likely, millions of people have had the same experience.  What was it like?  Surprising, frustrating, tiring, time consuming and at the very least, downright annoying.  But even those words don’t adequately express what it felt like. What’s more, the idea that so many now have access to my personal information, and subsequently, those of my friends and family to use at their will, made me feel exposed and remarkably uncomfortable. Did I fail to mention that all this hacking into my email account, my Facebook account and my Iphone was more than a giant pain?

When this not so uncommon adventure began, I was in New York City attending a business function and visiting my family.  As I drove through the bustling city, my cell phone began to ring non-stop. I hung the phone up as quickly as I could, trying to pay attention to the traffic and keep from driving my car directly into the East River!  In addition, my husband’s cell phone, back in Virginia, rang constantly.  The calls came in from across the US, Europe and Asia.  Friends and family were concerned.  “Are you all right?  We got this strange email, someone who I know wasn’t you was chatting with me on Facebook saying you were hurt, in a foreign country and you needed money now.  I thought it was a hoax, but I just want to be sure you’re okay.”  One of my husband’s former bosses had his checkbook close by and with pen in hand, was ready to write out a check immediately.  Wow.

As the slew of phone calls began to die down and life (after lots of time with The Apple Geniuses) began to take on some semblance of normalcy, I had time to reflect objectively on the entire experience.  What were the take-home messages here?  There were several: People care –  there’s lots of support, concern, and plenty of love that I can “access” from friends and family 24/7; that we have options – we can choose to find the positive in the negative.  A variety of perspectives are always there for us  to choose from.  And so, I chose to love my hacker and be grateful for what he helped me realize:  There are far more good, kind, caring people in the world than bad guys.  In the future, those are the people and the positive perspective I’ll choose to access, 24/7.

Reina S. Weiner  – Author/Speaker/Mentor



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