“Stress Free School Mornings for Parents and Kids”

Want to start your day and your child’s day off right?  If that sounds like a great idea, I’ve got some simple suggestions that will all but eliminate the rushing, nagging and the morning stress many families experience during the school year.  Here’s how to create some positive change.

  • Call a family, kitchen table meeting.  Bring your laptop or paper and pencil. Get ready to take notes.
  • Ask your child/children what they can do to get ready for school, on time, by themselves. Even quite young ones can begin to help themselves.
  • Talk about “when’s and how’s” – When and how to wake up (alarm clock/Ipod – you may need to help very little ones),  when to shower, what to wear and when to pick clothing out (morning or night before), nutritional breakfast choices, buy or bring lunch and when to make it, getting book bag, sneakers, etc. ready (another “when”) and out the door.
  • Have several rehearsals – before school begins in the fall or any weekend during the school year.  It’s absolutely worth waking up early a few weekend days to rehearse the plan.  The pay-offs are significant – those stress-free mornings you’ve been hoping for.
  • Modify the plan as required.  It may be necessary to plan earlier wake-up times, more preparations the night before, etc.
  • Work the plan.
  • Be available to help, but don’t jump in and do it for your child.
  • Enjoy your morning!

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