Families Flying in Formation

Just read an article referring to an effective leadership technique, i.e., how flying in formation cuts down on drag.  I know you’ve seen bird leadership many times. Eyes to the sky, it’s easy to spot one bird in the lead with the rest following along in a neat, organized grouping.  A uniform formation with one leader at the head, cuts down on drag  allowing the group to move swiftly and easily toward their destination.

As parents, we need to cut down on “drag” too.  In the most human sense, our families function best, don’t get slowed down or diverted easily if parents maintain the lead slot.  Although it can get tiring facing the metaphoric wind, our group will be far more likely to land successfully when we guide and direct with plenty of love and support.

Don’t be afraid to parent, to lead and to change course when you believe it’s necessary to do so.  Storms come and go. You’ve got the experience and the reliable road map to confidently lead your group, take a break when needed and continue on to the end-point.

My friend used to say – “What do you think it’s easy?”  He was right.  It’s not always easy to be the one to take charge, be the parent, choose the direction of the group with all that wind in your face.  With time, the wind dies down and those “birds” following behind you will one day encourage you to drop back in the formation, take the lead and land safely on their own.

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