Reina S.Weiner Protects Your Kids From Anthony Weiner (We’re NOT Related)

These days the only ones not on the net are cats, dogs and your pet hamster.  It’s possible they may be soon!  For now though,  your kids are surely on the net, night and day. That’s a concern for most parents.  What specifically are they concerned about? Inappropriate photos and language unsuitable for children that they may be able to access.  Let’s face it, there’s an awful lot on the net you’d prefer your children didn’t see or hear.  With the enormous amount of  texts, tweets, email and search engine availability, how can a parent protect the eyes, ears and literally minds of their children.

Blocking total access to the internet isn’t the answer.  The net offers an abundance of useful information, loads of entertainment and even exercise.  It would be crazy to totally shut it down.  Plus, we might actually have to play with or talk to our kids and how much fun would that be!  Seriously, here are a several valuable sites that will keep your kids safer on the internet.

Go to: – They offer helpful tips for parents.  Some general ones and more detailed ones as well.  A great place to begin your search and increase your sanity. – This site is solely for Mac users with specific filters and monitors.  It blocks kiddos from seeing what they don’t need to see.

Windows Vista Parental Controls/Windows 7 Parental Controls – For Windows users.  This software limits the time your child can spend on the internet and blocks access to sites you consider undesirable.

You’ll also want to look at Windows Live Family Safety – This augments standard safety controls:  Games parents approve of, when and what programs they can run.  It also monitors what kids have been looking at previously.

In addition, don’t forget to talk to your kids about what you believe is age appropriate for them.  Don’t hesitate to use your best judgment.  Set the boundaries and be clear about your expectations for your children.  Don’t forget – you’re the head honcho/the big kahuna and still, numero uno!

Reina S. Weiner – Author/Speaker/Mentor – “Strong From the Start – Raising Confident and Resilient Kids”

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