“Who” Are You Wearing?”

If you watched the red carpet segment of the Academy Awards show, you’re probably familiar with the term,” Who are you wearing?”  It does sound a bit strange, I admit.  Of course, we know that Tim Gunn, the fashion guru, was referring to the designer of the evening wear adorning the star.  Each unique gown or tuxedo was designed to express a celebrity’s individuality and enhance their appearance.  Love them or hate them – each outfit was distinctive, singular and personally chosen by the wearer.  Why?  Because each famous person liked the gown or tuxedo and felt good in it.

Although our kids aren’t famous – well, not yet anyway – their desire to like what they’re wearing and feel good in their clothing is every bit as relevant.  We can choose their clothing, lay it out on the bed each morning and surely, they’ll look fine.  But, when kids are pretty young and have so little autonomy, a simple task like allowing them to pick out today’s outfit means an awful lot to them.  In essence, parents are saying we trust you and we know you’re capable of getting the job done.  To be sure, your kids will get the message.  They will begin to trust their decisions and begin to feel more and more confident.  It may seem like a miniscule accomplishment that parents could complete in half the time, but to a kid, it’s one meaningful step toward independence and self-assurance.

Whether your daughter will only wear pants or dresses everyday or your son wears some unusual looking hats each morning and you allow it, you’ll be communicating an invaluable message without a single keystroke – we think you’re great just the way you are.

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