Speaking Out

While Rush Limbaugh’s remarks have always been incendiary, his most recent comments concerning women’s rights and their health have reached a new low.  This level of anger, hostility and disrespect toward women is appalling and confusing.  Where all this is coming from, I don’t know.  What I do know is that women, thankfully, have been confronting this tirade and speaking out in force.

Standing up for one’s self is a true hallmark of self-confidence.  As women we can encourage that behavior in each other and foster that in our daughters as well.  Allowing our daughters and sons to speak openly and respectively, voicing their opinions in a supportive atmosphere, teaches them to be strong, confident individuals.  Additionally, they’re also learning that their opinion matters. Of course, they can’t be “telling people off” rather insolently or impolitely, but kids can learn to speak honestly and appropriately about their feelings.

Where’s a good place to start strengthening kids’ self-confident and respectful conversation?  The family dinner table is an ideal place to begin.  I realize that many families are so busy running non-stop in different directions that the family dinner table may seem to be an anachronism. Although you may only have the opportunity to share two meals together a week, any time spent together listening and talking counts. Sitting across from each other and breaking bread together builds bonds and allows everyone to talk about the day’s events and have their say, face-to-face.

The women who have been standing up and speaking out against injustice are a true example of strength and courage.  Isn’t that what we respect in each other and hope to see in our kids.  Who knows – maybe one day they’ll be presenting their arguments in front of The Supreme Court and won’t you be proud!

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