Working Mom/Stay at Home Mom – It’s All Okay

With all the news recently about whether or not a stay at home is actually working, I just have one comment:  Working inside or outside the home is okay.  Either way it’s okay.  There are no rights or wrongs, no have-tos, no absolutes.  Women, just like men, make the choices they feel are necessary and appropriate for them one day at a time.  Today you may choose to be at home, tomorrow it’s back to work.  There are often many reasons, circumstances and issues surrounding parenting decisions, only some of which are within our control.  It serves no one to sit in judgment of another mom’s path. Raising healthy, confident and resilient kids is tough enough. If we truly want to support our kids, supporting their parents is a great place to begin.  Strong From the Start -Raising Confident and Resilient Kids

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