Wanna give your kids back?

There are those days.  Days when you wonder if you could possible give your kids “back.”  The question is whom would we be giving them to and how soon would this happen.  I can hear your answer – now!

Who hasn’t been there?  I’m pretty sure a good many of us parents have.  For years I’ve always said that if it became socially acceptable to put an ad in the newspaper or online, parents might be tempted to write:  “Free to good home – one lively, healthy child.  All shots.  Available immediately.”  Some days it doesn’t sound like such an outrageous idea.

If you’re having one of those days or even months, hold off on the ad.  Better days are coming.  Besides risking very official looking folks, your neighbors, friends and/or your mother showing up on your front doorstep with worried looks, know that this difficult parenting phase will pass.  Being a parent is a demanding and challenging job.  Certainly, not to be attempted by the faint of heart.  It takes energy, patience, intelligence, skill, self-confidence and plenty of love for about eighteen years and that’s only for starters.  The need to be loving, patient and possess a good deal of smarts goes on indefinitely.  The second phase is when we parents continue to support our kids, even when their choices are not exactly what we  had planned for them.

If we allow some time to pass, we’ll likely come to believe that our kids are people we might actually want to hang out with and we’re proud of.  Patience, patience, patience is key.  And whatever you do, definitely do NOT ask your mother if she ever thought of “giving you back!’

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