What Makes A Family?

What actually does make people a family?  Is it a common religion or culture, beliefs, gender, children, or simply a shared household? Do separate households count as a “family?”  What about single moms or dads raising kids?   And, of course, there’s the grandma raising kids when their mom or dad isn’t around – are they a family?  How about those parents who’ve never said “I do,” but are the parents of a child – are they still considered a family?

Recently, there’s been so much discussion about marriage and family that it makes our family kitchen table spin.  Now that the baby is able to sleep through the night we have something else to keep us awake.  But honestly, it’s really quite simple when you give it a moments thought.

A family is love.  It’s made up of people who love one another, whoever that other may be.  Whether it’s the traditional, nuclear image we have had in our psyche for generations or two men, two women, a single adult, a grandparent or two people who love each other and would rather not or cannot increase the population, they’re all family to me.

Let’s not get so distracted by our interpretation of the word family that we forget the true meaning of it.  A family is love.  I’m sticking with that explanation.

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