Want to Keep Your Children Safe? Support Their Personal Radar!

In the most traditional sense, radar is a system of detecting the presence, direction, distance and speed of aircraft, ships, etc., by sending out electromagnetic waves that reflect off the object back to the source.  In the least traditional and technical sense, personal radar is a seventh sense, you might say, that can detect potential danger in our midst.

With regard to our children, this unique radar is one they can always tote around in their emotional backpacks. Personal radar is lightweight and easily accessible.  It’s omnipresent,  free of charge, and useful for people of all ages and in every manner of circumstance.  Serving as an invincible,  impenetrable shield, it sounds off a silent alert that your kids feel viscerally – deep down in their gut – leading them away from potentially perilous scenarios.

Although it may sound as if I’m talking about super-heroes , I’m not.  Every, regular kid and adult, for that matter, already possesses personal radar.  All we need to do is to encourage our kids to pay attention to that funny feelingreally pay attention to and act on it when they feel unsafe.  Understandably, we want to raise polite children, but safety trumps good manners every time.   You’ll likely remember your own parents saying, “Better safe than………..”

As the years go by and our kids are on their own more and more, their personal radar becomes a reliable, useful asset for them.  When we realize we can trust our kids to be aware of and act on their gut instincts, it lowers our stress levels enormously.   Undeniably, they’re still kids and will do some not so “brilliant” kid things at times.  But, when it comes down to real personal safety, the more we encourage them to use their personal radar, the more they’ll trust it.  Then, we can all begin to get a good night’s sleep.

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