I’m Not Oprah Winfrey, But………

On the very last page of Oprah’s monthly magazine, appropriately titled “Oprah,” you can find the one and only article she always writes in her publication. The theme: “What I know for sure.” The premise is always the same, although the content varies with each column. Well, I’m not Oprah, but recently I’ve become convinced (or know for sure) that staying in the best shape possible makes a huge difference when life’s little surprises present themselves. By the best shape possible I mean staying as fit and strong as you’re physically able. I’m not talking about competing in the Olympics, but for the rest of us regular humans, getting out there often, doing whatever you enjoy that keeps you healthy, moving and strong is essential.

My “what I know for sure” concept is not based on a scientific study, although I imagine there are many studies written supporting this concept. In my case, it’s simply what I’ve observed going through treatment for a serious illness with many other people who have experienced the same. And, what I’ve seen consistently is this: If you’re fit and generally healthy, the care you’ll need to receive for one of those OMG, I can’t believe this is really happening to me illnesses or injuries will likely be more tolerable and your recovery quicker with far fewer complications. Think about it for a moment: If your body is already under siege because you haven’t been listening to it for a while, it’s already at a disadvantage when an injury or illness shows up. Being physically prepared for those challenges can potentially make a world of difference in healing your body and your mind as well.

I’m not obsessive about exercising, believe me, but I do have a new found respect for it. The bumper sticker “Stuff Happens” (or something like that) says it all. If everything is cool, wonderful. If not, you’ll be ready.

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