Drug Reminders


Is it me or do we all forget sometimes?  You don’t have to answer that!   Therefore, I’m dedicating this week’s blog to two reminders:  Please pay attention to renewing prescription medications and supplemental drug insurance on time.

I use a mail order pharmacy most of the time.  It has taken me, at times, two weeks to receive my order.  Once I forgot to allow enough time to reorder my prescription and was left with only one pill. Not my best move, I admit, but in my case, not life threatening.  For some people, though, missing a dose of their medication can have rather signficiant consequences.  The bottom line is this: Taking any prescription medication on a regular daily basis (if that’s what’s indicated) keeps the drug at a steady state within your body and provides the most effective treatment and control of chronic health issues. Far better than taking it Tuesday, Wednesday and oops it’s Saturday!

If you prefer using your local pharmacy for convenience, it’s best to check the label and note when the prescription can be refilled.  Occasionally, the drug may be out of stock. Not often, but it does happen. It pays to leave a little extra time to accomodate any potential delays and eliminate all the stress, and the hassles that late refills can create. So, you may want to write a note on your calendar, set an alert on your cell phone, or a sticky note.  Whatever works for you.

While we’re on the topic of drug reminders, you may want to check your Medicare Part D, that is, if you’re in your “golden years.”   This is the perfect time – between October 15 and December 7 (open enrollment) – to have a look at your Part D, consider any adjustments you’d like to make including switching to Medicare Advantage (Part C).  You can always make changes to Part B any time during the year, but Parts C and D can only be changed during this time period. It’s worth it to sit down and consider your present healthcare costs,  current health issues and which plan benefits you most financially. 

I plan to review my pharmacy coverage this month to ensure I’ve made the best possible choices relative to my current health status or change it as I see fit.  No time like the present.

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