Thank You


Thank you for reading my blog this past year. I so appreciate you’ve taken the time to look at it – especially with all the tons of blogs, emails, texts, instagrams, facebook posts, etc., etc., coming your way every day.

My sincere hope is you’ll never need to reference any of my suggestions for your improved healthcare.  Just in case you do, my goal has always been to help you navigate the sometimes circuitous path that leads to your best healthcare.  I understand the confusion, stress and frustration you may feel because I’ve felt the very same way myself.  Trusting yourself in an unfamiliar space, regardless of all the information you can access on the internet, can be daunting.  But, do gather your information,  your “chutzpah” and prepare as best you can.

Me and my blog will be taking a break in the coming weeks.  After a little down time and lots of procrastination, my plan is to finally finish writing and then publishing “Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much,” Become Your Own Best Healthcare Advocate.” With the new year ahead I’m ready to begin some new and better practices.

Please feel free to re-read any of my former blogs at for some tips, if you’d like, and of course, comment.  There’s a drop down menu under blogs where you can choose either Health Advocacy or Parenting, both of which encourage you to trust yourself.

Again, thank you for your support and interest.  Best to you in 2016.  Why wait?

Reina S. Weiner



One Response to Thank You

  1. Ellen Miller says:

    Reina- Thanks for your suggestions and sharing your knowledge. Have a wonderful, productive few weeks, or months, whatever it takes. We’re thinking of you in NY! Ellen

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