On Second Thought

He was recommended to me by friends. I was also given his name by a local pediatrician.  Of course, he was a smart, experienced doc, but was he the one who would be receptive to my needs and open to discussing what would be best for my baby and me.  No.  He wasn’t.

We were living in Florida for the past year.  I had a fifteen month old daughter and was pregnant with my second child.  Needed a new obstetrician.  I did what most of us do – asked my girlfriends who they used and also asked a doctor for a referral.  The same doc’s name kept coming my way.  Time to give him a try.

At my first appointment he was pleasant, although somewhat paternalistic.  Since I do give doctors and the rest of the population a second chance, I made an appointment to see him again.  Uh oh.  This was definitely not going to work for me.

Why not?

Reason #1: Initially, he used the simplest and least accurate method to determine my blood type which he said was O positive.   I knew immediately that was incorrect.  During my first pregnancy it had been determined my blood type was O negative.  As soon as our daughter, our first child, was born I was given a medication to protect any future pregnancies from blood incompatibilities.  I already had one foot out the office door.

Reason #2: The piece de resistance was his decision to induce my labor. Never thought to inquire how I felt about an induced labor.  His reasons, although very unconvincing, were that second babies were generally bigger than the first and if I went past my due date as I had in the past, it would be unlikely I would be able to deliver my baby.  Not an entirely unreasonable concept, yet wholly unpredictable and devoid of any concern for how I wanted my labor and delivery to proceed. I know Superwoman was faster than a speeding bullet, but I would have matched, if not exceeded her speed, on my way out of that doctor’s office!

Now what?  Back to asking friends, family.  Not a problem.  I was determined to find a physician who would hear me and allow me to participate in such an extraordinary experience in my life. Enter Dr. P.  Perfect. Hello my healthy, newborn son.

Today’s take home:   If you’re not being heard, speak up!   Still not working for you?  Use your Kryptonesque powers and take off!  #askforwhatyouneed. #trustyourdoctorbutnotthatmuch  #whywait?

PS – A few more ways to look online for a healthcare professional.

To find a nurse practitioner:  www.npfinder.aanp.org ;

To find a doctor: Enter your county medical society, i.e., Hartford County Medical Society, for a referral.   There are medical socieities all over the U.S.


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  1. Don says:

    Excellent blog. Keep it up.

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