“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Fred DeVito

You gotta love this quote.  While I was at a local farmer’s market with a friend I decided to give myself just a tiny little challenge at a vendor who was selling kimchi.  I’ve often heard how pungent it was and how awful it tastes.  Too spicy, too hot and too “different!”  Ah ha – too different.  Therein lies the real reason people don’t try something new – it’s too “different.”  But, wait. These were the opinions/perspectives of others.  Was I going to base my choice on the opinions of others?  How would I know if I liked something, if I didn’t try it myself? And so, I did take up the challenge. Just a tiny challenge, nonetheless, but even tiny challenges count! “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”  Okay.  Done. Not so bad.  Yes,  a little spicy, but not bad. Couldn’t be worse than the haggus and neeps (turnips, sheep intestines and porridge) I had in Scotland after our server saw me contemplating it on the menu and said: “Aw, go ahead, be a devil !” Couldn’t resist that challenge. Why? Simply because I knew I wouldn’t be back there for a long time and how would I know if I liked it/hated it, if I didn’t eat it myself. Down the hatch! Not my favorite, but very glad I tried it.  If it doesn’t challenge you……..

After surviving the food challenges (ha!), I moved on to a medical challenge at the behest of my husband. I was scheduled for more blood work after I’ve had more blood tests and infusions than I’d like to think about.  My husband suggested I ask my oncologist if I really needed one more blood test at this time.  Weren’t there plenty of recent results he could rely on for accuracy?  And, then – I heard what I had been hoping for – I didn’t need one more blood test right now. Yay and yay.  Saved myself a procedure by challenging my doc in a respectful way by asking for what I hoped I didn’t need.  And just maybe, the doc would reconsider whether one more blood test, etc. was truly necessary for the next patient who came along.  And maybe, one or two people after reading this would ask their doc a similar question that relates to their health.

“If there’s no challenge, there’s no change.”  Thank you, Mr. Fred DeVito.  #whywait #trustyourdoctorbutnotthatmuch  #askforwhatyouneed.

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