A Family Recipe

Want to cook up a satisfying, no-fail, family recipe?  Give this one a try.

Recipe for Raising Confident and Resilient Children (and Parents too)

Begin by combining equal parts trust and confidence (in each other.) Add in a scoop of rules/guidelines. Don’t forget to include a healthy measure of family/life balance and of course, sincere acceptance (of yourself and others too – who’s perfect anyway?) You’ll want to be sure to add heaping tablespoons of common sense and a sense of humor – absolutely paramount for a successful outcome. Stir well. Allow the above ingredients to simmer for 18 years and have a little faith. No need to fold, saute or helicopter. Keep it simple. Generally, less is more.

If you find that the results you were expecting are not forthcoming, i.e., a child who is a competent, responsible decision maker, add an additional pinch or a dollop, as required, of patience. This recipe has worked well for so many and it will work for you too, if you give it time. You’ve got the necessary skills. Now add the trusted ingredients and you’ll achieve pretty satisfactory results – resilience, adaptability, self-assurance and a life unique to your child and yourself.

You know what’s amazing about this recipe? It not only works well for raising kids and their loving parents, it’s useful in all relationships – at home, at work, with friends and family. As your self-trust and confidence grows, you’re more likely to ask for what you need and create the balance in your life you’re hoping to achieve. Then “voilà– as the French say. You’re off on an incredible journey.

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